Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to Madrid!

It was wonderful to come back to Madrid with two excellent excuses (apart from visiting friends!):
  1. A workshop to facilitate for the HUB Madrid team to support their team with community engagement, community building and participatory leadership/methodologies from Art of Hosting. Check out the graphic facilitation by Toni Arribas (@elreydelaruina). 
  2. My friend's bachelorette party! We cannot come to the wedding in Lima but at least I managed to be part of this special weekend! The photos are beautiful taken by photographer Marianella Fargier.

Friday, June 07, 2013


Finally finished the Orientierungskurs! It was the last stage - three weeks - of the Integrationskurs organised by the BAMF (German Ministry for Migration and Refugees) that supports integration of migrants. It was not mandatory for me to do it, but it was much better than any other normal german course as the people that were studying there were really interested in learning and not just partying in the city of Berlin.

Next stop? The TEST on 13th September. Yep, giving myself some time to study and actually learn as the course is 3 hours for six months, covering levels A1, A2 and B1 and you don´t have so much time to do the homework and study if you are working too! ;-) About the photo, the visit to the Berlin Parliament (Abgeordnetehaus Berlin)!

The BAMF also has a next course that I could do, and this one is totally free, which is German for professional purposes, but it demands a lot more time, 4 hours per day and it ends with a one month internship at a local company. Really useful for people looking for a job. The Germans are preparing themselves for 2030 where apparently there will be a big gap in the professional force.