Friday, March 28, 2014

From Berlin with love...

Many people ask about the Berlin Startup and Innovative in general scene. Want to know more? Here is the Startup Map. Read about it on Silicon Allee as well as Venture Village, check out the streaming from Friday at 6 event, know what is going on with Berlin Geekettes (that have gone global), explore the coworking movement in town through Deskmag and hear from the blog of a girl in the startup world. A hundred start-ups to watch from The Hundert magazine, downloadable here.

You can also look for jobs in startups here! And there is even a startup institute with an 8-week program that will boost your career. Startup Bootcamp has started Startup Gallery as a coworking space. Finally, a BBC news with "Could Berlin be the Next Silicon Valley?" If what you are looking for is a meaningful job, check-out The Changer and Jobs4Good!