Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Environmental Business

Environmental Business, The next dot-com? John Forgach, Chairman The Equator Group, NY. Brazil.
  • It is not a question of choice; we have no choice;
  • Drivers: population growth / growing wealth, climate change, growing energy costs, internet acting as a turbocharger of the crisis;
  • We don´t know how this is going to change;
  • Ex: Panama Canal. The 2 new passages in the north pole (because of the ice melting) will turn it obsolete!
  • Greenland melts. Seas will rise about 7 meters (don´t invest in Río, NY, London property). Latinamerica is resilient to water.
  • Absence of leadership (they do not tolerate that we bring up the subject);
  • Chinese are looking for guidance;
  • Markets mobilize first: diseases, insurance industry, carbon market;
  • 4 criteria of his program: carbon footprint, energyy, biodiversity, social;
  • Private sector has not waited the government;
  • There is a lot of liquidity in the market, and anxiety to clean up the acts, that there are going to be accidents;
  • BP (beyond petroleum instead of british petroleum), Shell biggest investor in biodiversity in the world, General Electric idem, Exxon todo lo contrario;
  • Due diligence on your contractors is crucial for your success;
  • Only three manage everything, subcontract 7 (o 70) thousand employees;
  • 99% of people that work in the amazon are women, men are drunk all day;
  • Brazil has discovered the 5th largest oil well in the world;
  • Una hectárea en Minas Gerais al lado de una plantación de soja puede costar mil dólares;
  • Check out GMO´s (Jeremy Grantham) website and SAI platform (Sustainable Agriculture Iniciative Platform: 82% food producers represented);

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