Thursday, May 10, 2012

Graphic Recording

No, I am not capable of doing this drawing myself at all, members at Hub Milan were. ;-) But, I wish! So, for two days (25th-26th May) I will be participating of this workshop taking place in Berlin because I really think that learning how to cristalize thoughts and concepts visually communicates more effectively! It combines deep listening, simple drawing technique and facilitation methodology to visualize complex processes and provies overview, shared language and ownership of your project, new strategy or conference.

The course will be facilitated by Anne Madsen is a Kaospilot graduate of the school of process, project and personal leadership in Denmark. With her company 'DrawMore' she is doing and teaching graphic recording. With TOOLSforSCHOOLS she is passionately working on introducing participatory methodologies and creative practice in the public primary school system in Denmark. I will be together with designers, teachers, facilitators, architects, filmakers and artists among others, that focus in communication in complexity.

This course is organized by the friends of the Berlin Art of Transformation Lab a self-organized community of practice who believes change starts from taking action, from learning by doing and by sharing knowledge between peers. Collaboration also provided by Becota. Check out the event on Facebook or the Art of Hosting Ning platform. Let the organizers know by email if you are interested or register here directly

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