Friday, June 15, 2012

Mediation Conference

Yesterday I had the pleasure to facilitate a session for the 2nd European Mediation Conference organized by the International Mediation Alliance with the support of the culture.communication. The goal of the conference was to enhance the development of cross-border mediation and to expand its consisten use accross Europe to solve conflicts faster, more effective and more cost-efficient than at conventional judicial proceedings. Amazing!

I was invited to host a networking session as that was what the participants were craving for and didn´t get in the first conference a year ago in Italy, so I thought of a way o making it happen without it "just being a business card party", but more a space to connect and interact around things that matterd for them at that moment. This is what I came up with after remembering a greographical walk talk with colleagues at the Art of Hosting Berlin in 2009. To me it was a great experience to work with people that don´t usually use art-of-hosting-like methodologies and processes, and I think the participants enjoyed it too!

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