Friday, March 08, 2013


Since meeting Richard Hylerstedt at the SenseCamp at the beginning of February, a month or so ago, we have met every week for one hour and developed the concept we both talked about. We followed a very good chaordic stepping stones process that lead us to define the first draft of the website and proposal for this idea that we called "inTEAMacy". We are just starting but both are passionate on the topics of tRuSt, fEeDbACk and pRinCiPles in teams, still on the way to prototype the first workshop, so looking for volunteers! ;-)
"inTEAMacy offers custom-designed workshops that enable teams to explore and work on the topics of trust, feedback and principles. These crucial foundations of teamwork are not given enough attention and effort in most teams, from early stage startups to task forces in big organizations or corporations.

Workshops organized by inTEAMacy provide a break from everyday routine that is completely focused on taking teamwork to a higher level. Our typical workshop is an afternoon session with careful facilitation, for one or more teams of 3-10 people.

Teams typically come out of an inTEAMacy workshop with an improved understanding of their team dynamics and trust, workable tools for exchanging meaningful feedback and a set of team-specific, co-created teamwork principles.

Download our two-pager to learn more about what we do or get in touch at info [at]

inTEAMacy is started in Berlin by Soledad Pons and Richard Hylerstedt, who are happy to bring the concept to where it is needed".

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