Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How German are you?

There is a book I am going to read "How to be German in 50 steps", not because I want to be German, already enough being Argentinean and Italian, but because of the funny cultural differences that it describes. There is even an online quiz on how German are you...!

On another line of thought but still having to do with germaneness, is the fact that this weekend we went to a wedding and every time I go to a german one I keep being fascinated by all the talent in the room! Its impressive (maybe its the kind of friends my husband has, maybe not) but the couple this time was a singer and a performer and of course many friends in related professions so they had great use of the stage. Here is fragment of "its a nice day for a white wedding" from Billy Idol by the bride, groom and band!

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