Monday, September 12, 2011

Training Brussels team

During two weeks between August and September I was invited to train and support the team of 11 people at Hub Brussels, who were collaborating either working full-time, part time, for their internships or as member hosts. It was an amazing experience in difficult times for them undergoing a process of seeking new founding energy, so I wish them the best and that the "tools" I tried to give them serve the process!

We had an initial day together trying to get on the same page. As a second step I had personal meetings with every person, with specific topics in mind, understand and review the roles. Next came the hosts training, a full day to share the knowledge of many hosts around the world that have been trying new things, developing the practice and evolving together.

Afterwards, we had meetings dedicated to each area of practice to make a Hub happen and everyone could come, not only the ones in charge of it, so that they could explore and learn about other topics that are not in their everyday life. I took part of their normal activities like the Sexy Salad and the team meetings, as well as the daily morning check-in over breakfast. And we had the visit from Jimena Peña and Cristina Mur, art host and member/artist from Hub Madrid respectively.

We definitely also had loads of fun together and dedicated a Saturday morning to spend some time as a team, with an activity that was creative and had nothing to do with their jobs: they chose to have coffee (or tea of course) at a C.eramic cafe! Peculiar activity that we didn´t do since we were kids, but it was great getting our hands dirty, painting and chatting away. Yes, the gentlemen had a good time too... ;-)

Thanks for the invitation Lorna Stokes (who besides managing the Hub writes for Travelettes and gives wonderful speaches at the EU!) and hosting me at your wonderful home. Special mention to Leander Bindewald´s pumpkin and carrot soup! Here are some photos of those days from myself, from Jime, Odile and some from the photographer Charles Kinoo.

Oh, and had the lovely opportunity to re-connect also with three mates from the MBA in Madrid! Silvia Fernandez-Marcote, Pierre-Arnaud Klaskala and Olga Slavkina, as well as meeting a very interesting designer, Aleksandra from YDress.

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