Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hub Practice Gathering

A dream come true in Milan! From us six ladies that since the first Hub Strategy Gahteirng in Madrid at the end of March we have been putting our time and energy in making this and the Hub Practice Academy happen. We have done many hosts gatherings before, but none where all the areas of practice were included, so we finally had this one with the launch of the Hub Practice Academy in beta version some days later.

Over the last 3 years, Hosts from around the world met in '08 Rotterdam, '09 Sockholm, '10 Brussels (more photos here) and now Milan to share learnings, support and inspire each other. I have also been involved in organizing other gatherings like this very first one in '08 Madrid '08 and the First Strategy Gathering in '11 Madrid as well.

This year we invited ALL core team members - hosts and founders - to come together to learn, grow and co-create the future of our network. The gathering marked a new step in our journey to become a leading learning network in the field.

Our purpose was to put together the best knowledge and talent within our internal and extended network, get inspired by best practices and set up collaborative projects. We tried to: create, exercise and evolve the Hub Practice make visible the learning and talent we've developed to date and identify what we need going forward bridge the gap between different roles and practices within the Hub and align around a shared vision .

We founded several communities of practice as a way to codify, share and evolve our practice together: Management and Operations, Community Hosting, Business Development of Hubs, Member Attraction and Community Design, Collaborative Space and Design. Here are the pics. Thank you Gabriela Albescu (Hub Company), Maria Glauser (Hub Talent), Frederike Vos (Hub Amsterdam), Tatiana Glad (Hub Amsterdam) and Elenanor Whitley (Hub Kings Cross and new HPA Coordinator) for the hard work and inspiration! Also Pablo Handl (Hub Sao Paulo) and Lotfi El-Ghadnouri for supporting us as well!

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