Monday, November 21, 2011

AoH training Berlin

Under the overarching question of "How do we want to lead and learn in changing cities?" the art of hosting workshop took place in Berlin on 18-20th November 2011. Here you can see the registration link and the invitation together with the Facebook Group.

The topics and the participants were just amazing, although we had some trouble with the "images". For some reason, for systemic, for historical reasons, people did not want to be photographs, recorded or taken images in any way. They did not want to share this with the global community of Art of Hosting or anybody at all. So all my photos are from the flipcharts. ;-). It is very interesting anyway! But even better, here you will find the Posterous blog with the whole harvest!

Being the second AoH training I participate in the team, I felt very well in service of the whole, holding space or delivering what was needed. Great experience and learning! In the closing conversation of the team we also had a good one about Spiral Dynamics as well.

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