Monday, November 07, 2011

Coworking Conference

During the first weekend of November I had the opportunity to take part in a couple of sessions of the international Coworking Conference in Berlin. Here are some photos.

I attended the panel where Michel Bachmann represented the Hub Network called: "Should you start a coworking space as part of a chain, brand or network?" together with Ramon Suares (BetaGroup), Christoph Fahle (betahaus), Karine Sabatier (La Cantine Rennes) and Massimo Carraro (Cowo).

This was verys interesting because there was still a lot to do to explain the difference between a franchising model and a real distributed network, which is what the Hubs around the world are trying to make, actually making it happen now.

The other session I attended was with Dermot Egan and Oliver Marlow from Tilt Studio, a design clinic where I supported them in a world cafe style session related to the space in a coworking space and its community. Importan indeed and I was surprised to see that many spaces are now trying to "host" their communities more actively as offering "just the space" is definitely not enough! Happy to see colleague from Hub Brussels Anis Bedda who was colaborating with the organization. The first coworking conference took place at that Hub the previous year!

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