Monday, January 30, 2012

Legal and Contracting...

During a month between December and January I had the opportunity to dive into the legal and contracting matters of a Hub (or almost any enterprise actually!) I was the author of this first chapter of the Best Practice Guide for Managing and Operating a Hub and Eleanor Whitley was the editor; we worked closely and it was a great experience. Hope this serves the network now and that at some point we can open it to everyone as I believe it can be of value to other people as well.

We started by making a survey to all Hubs about these topics. It was near Christmas, that is why the festive theme. ;-) Huge thanks to everyone contributing to it! Then started organizing the information and writing from my own experience, as well as asking more questions to other experienced people in the network.

The result is a chapter to provide information about the key issues to tackle in this area, what each term implies and involves, a checklist with what teams need to consider regarding the different stages of a Hub, best practices as well as emergent ones of operating Hubs already, and resources that other HUBs have shared to further their learning. The objective was not to define every concept there mentioned, as that information can be sought in general management education and literature, but highlight what is relevant for a team when, the learnings from Hubs along the way and emergent practices we can explore together in the future.

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