Thursday, April 26, 2012

In the search...

This is the English version of this Spanish post... After having co-founded in Madrid and having worked freelance last year, I have decided to return to the market and look for a job in Berlin, either at a company or organization, or maybe also in a start-up that has started operations not long ago, but already in the making. The objective is to really establish here in Berlin, to generate more relationships and be able to study/practice the language more. If not, I live here but I am not here.

The year 2008 was the last time I looked for a job and it was in Argentina, when I finally decided to accept the offer to go back to Madrid and coordinate part-time MET mentoring program (Women, Enterprise and Technology) at IE Business School and during the rest of the day start enterprising the Hub Madrid. That is why it will be a challenge to try to "fit" into a specific job position or category, because I am used to working in many different areas and activities of a company at the same time.

I will start by reading all you need to know about the Berlin market in the related articles by Berlin en Español, a spanish speaking website with great information, because apparently my current endeavor is not so easy in this town. They describe it as "poor but sexy"! The biggest challenge is the language, so German classes will be of great help I am sure. An event called The long night of the insdustry (Lange Nacht der Industrie) will take place in some time and I will be able to visit companies that are operating in Berlin. The next step as well will be to update all the LinkedIn, Xing and Experteer profiles of course...

The opportunity of being hired as a Hub Associate due to the training or support needs of a Hub team around the world is still there, so I will write them specially to offer my services. Also until the end of June, I lead the Community Hosting Community of Practice of Hub Practice Academy. From then on, the Academy will stop being in beta and start another stage of development with characteristics that we have suggested from the Global Talent Pool working group.

On the other hand, I do have a lot more energie now to get closer to Latinamerica in general and Argentina in particular, things that so far have been achieved by the Art of Hosting Buenos Aires and the Latinoamerican HUB Gathering, but lets see what are the next steps in that line!

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