Friday, May 18, 2012

Hub @ Vision Summit

 Today I was part of a lunch at the Vision Summit in Potsdam about the HUB. It is one of the most improtant events in the world about social innovation, social entrepreneurship and social impact business, but it is held in German so I did not take part of the whole event. Hinnerk Hansen (Hub Vienna) and Christoph Birkholz (Hub Zurich) from the nearest Hubs and both german speakers themselves, hosted a session about the Hub Network and the transition it has undergone in the past two years.

They also introduced the new local teams in Germany! Carina Lugert (Munich), Nele Kaprez (Berlin) and Martin Herrndorf (Cologne). There also is a team in Hamburg under consideration. It was great to meet them and hear from them as well. The topics or questions addressed are similar as similar are the stages they are at, so I offered my support as Hub Associate (we are the internal consultants that can support the teams beyond the formal support they get from the HUB management team and the their sister HUB. Here are some photos!

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