Monday, May 14, 2012

Prezi for Myanmar!

So Power Point Presentations (with capital Ps) are last era, but not everybody loves Prezi yet. I started using it last year for the TEDxBarcelona conference in July, and now I need it again. I say I need it because it is specially useful when you are planning a presentation in another country, where you don´t know if you will have the mac plug for the projector (I should own one by now!), or if you will have internet, which version of Power Point you have, if your presentation format will change with it, etc.

Having a Prezi makes a real difference in these cases. At least for me. You completely forget about all issues of things being compatible. It is a total white canvas (you can use templates if you´d like) that scare some people but for me this represents endless possibilities! Yes, its a little overwhelming when you just want to achieve a 10 slide presentation of the old type. ;-)

I found an interesting tutorial in video here by Tosolino, who teaches you very simply how to include a "call to action" in your Prezi with the specific font you´d like! (a one bad thing about prezi is that there aren´t many font options... uhhh). For this one the phrase will be "#socent in transition" as Tristan Ace from the British Council in Myanmar decided to name my keynote speech for the first night of the Asia-Europe field learning and networking event that will take place in Yangon next week, and where I am very excited to participate for many reasons! This country in Asia has been under a huge transition for the past two years and everybody is mentioning the amazing opportunity it is to be able to visit at this moment, a moment where Thailand was 30 years ago as people say...

I love that the event will not be a regular conference and that we will actually not be in a conference setting everyday, but mostly in an experimental and practical setting, visiting social enterprises there and sharing experiencies from different countries in both regions. Also on the morning of the 23rd I offered to host a Pro-Action Cafe to let people present a topic/project they would like to address during the morning. Something that they would really like to see surfacing is a social entrepreneur network in East Asia. Let´s see what happens! Some little big steps in a country where a transition has been taking place over the past year.

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